Xero Accounting Software: The Cloud Of Advantages

Posted: Aug 26, 2017
Jon Ward

We pride ourselves on “Being Unlike Any Other Accountant” so we’re always on the lookout for new ways of doing things. Every business venture should be exciting, but the drudgery of most desktop accounting software takes this away. This is why we became a Certified Xero Partner, as their software is described as “online, simple, smart & magical”.

Here are some of the advantages of Xero Accounting Software:

  • As long as you have a device, whether it be PC, MAC, Tablet or smartphone, and internet access, you can connect to your Xero account from anywhere at any time. 
  • Reconciliations are made easy as the import and download of your bank statements are automated.
  • Invoices can be produced in a few simple clicks, so they’re sent out rapidly and they’re customised to your business. 
  • Compared to desktop software, Xero is extremely secure. All data is held by a global company with huge resources in terms of the latest security technology.

These are all legitimate reasons to get excited, but what does it really mean for you as a business owner?

Unlike desktop software programmes, all you need to connect to Xero is a username and password. This means you don’t have to buy several licences to ensure everyone has access. As it runs through your browser, you don’t have to install anything on your PC either. Additionally, because Xero is browser-based, there are no conversion issues or bug fixes or upgrades required, so no more down-time!

Another thing that differentiates Xero from its desktop counterparts is the dashboard, which is the first thing you see after logging in. This is where all of your outgoings and incomings are displayed, meaning you have a clear visibility of your cash flow at all times.

All of this instantly accessible, vital information allows owner-managers to gain more knowledge of their financial situation at any given time. The ease of use of the software also provides more control, leaving you in a position of confidence.

Xero saves you time and money and it allows us accountants to deliver a higher quality of service thanks to the fluid nature of the information. We can quickly transform the figures into valuable business insight and provide guidance on how to instantly improve your performance.

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