Prime Global Secondment Programme: Hear Lana’s Story

Posted: Jun 8, 2017
Simon Brownbill

Lana Yelina is spending six weeks on secondment at HURST under an exchange programme through PrimeGlobal. Lana is a manager in the business assurance practice of Moore Colson, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Lana, 35, who hails from Belarus, joined the firm in 2013 shortly after she qualified as a certified public accountant.

She has experience in various industries, including manufacturing, technology and software, financial services, fuel, energy and transport. Lana provides audit and assurance services to public and private companies. In her blog she looks at some of the differences between accounting practices on either side of the Atlantic….and gives her impressions of Manchester in the days following the Arena terror attack.

I arrived in Manchester just a few days after the shocking attack at the Arena. There is no easy way to comprehend the cruelty of the attack, followed by the gruesome events in London. Yet life goes on and we are learning not to be afraid, to continue our fight against terrorism and unite closer with each other.

That is exactly what I have been seeing in Manchester – a united community, a positive attitude, people helping each other (on several occasions I have got lost looking for directions and been approached by locals offering to help). I lived in England between 2001 and 2004 –  studying in London and working there as a music teacher – but this is my first time in Manchester, and I have been impressed by how friendly the people are and how well-organised the city is.

It’s been a pleasure working with and getting to know the team at HURST. I’m working closely with Laura Mackowiak and Isabelle Luscombe in the audit practice. Currently we are working on the audit of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce’s accounts. The HURST team is very well organised, well-prepared and very supportive. Everyone knows what they should be doing and they complete their work on time.

Lana Yelina - Moore Colson

Lana Yelina | Moore Colson

In the United States we work longer hours than people in the UK – on average, UK working hours are 37.5 per week and in the US they are 40. The audit procedures here are pretty similar to those in the United States. I enjoy seeing how closely the HURST team works together to make sure the job is done effectively and efficiently.

I’m also impressed with the quality of the paper work here – it’s concise, easy to follow and gives a good understanding of what has been done previously. The Stockport office has more open space than our workplace in Atlanta. People sit together here, which means that if there are any questions someone close by will be able to help.

In the US, our office has more cubicles and individual offices. There is more privacy, but people are more separated. The dress code is different too. Here, people wear suits or jackets and I like that. In the US we don’t wear jackets often, unless there is a specific reason to do so. It’s more informal, but here it’s classier.

The day after I arrived in the city I took part in the Great Manchester 10k Run, which I completed in 51:03. I was happy to see the race going ahead despite the terror attack, which showed how the city had united in its community involvement. Before I leave I will be joining other members of the HURST team on their Tour de Europe cycle challenge to raise money for the Mustard Tree charity. I think it’s great being part of the team and supporting the firm in its activities wherever possible.

I am also looking forward to Laura joining us at Moore Colson later in the summer as part of the exchange programme!

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